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At Bowen-Donaldson, our interest and care for the families we serve does not end with the funeral service.  The staff at Bowen-Donaldson is committed to the continued care of your family after the death of a loved one.

One way in which we care for our families is with an Aftercare visit. Suzanne Myers, our Aftercare Coordinator, will personally contact each family we serve after the funeral.  At this visit, she will be available to provide an Aftercare packet with information that will assist families during the grieving process.  She will also listen to concerns of the family members, provide answers to funeral-related questions and help alleviate any concerns the family may have.  At the Aftercare visit, a memorial gift from the funeral home will be presented to each family, as well as a laminated obituary in memory of their loved one.

We at Bowen-Donaldson appreciate the trust you have put in us to care for your family and we sincerely hope that, through your Aftercare appointment, we can be sure that your family is provided an extra measure of care.

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When a loved one or friend dies, grieving that loss can take a long time, but you are not alone. GriefShare is here with support groups, and now daily emails, that provide encouragement and reminders of the recovery process. Interested?

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